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About Us

Early Years:
In 1978, when Jose Monforte was asked to interview for a General Manager's position, he soon discovered there was no restaurant, no menu and no staff!

Generations of Family:
One presumes therefore that he would have been quite surprised to find that three generations later the Monforte family tradition continues with classic Mexican food

Jose's three table restaurant in Escondido, which was originally located between between a wiring factory and an auto body shop when Escondido was a small metropolis of less than 60,000 residents expanded to include a vibrant and well known Cocina del Charro in San Marcos.

By the 1990s, Jose had grown the restaurant to an establishment that could seat 150 guests with a private party room for another 150 guests and Jose's dynasty was born.

After Jose's son joined the restaurant, the family decided in 2007 to expand the family operation to include a 2nd restaurant in nearby San Marcos. Moving the original Escondido Cocina del Charro to it's current location at 809 W. Valley Parkway, the family tradition of serving fine Mexican food continues to exceed expectations.


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